Build a Personalized Social Persona

A social persona is a social media profile for your business. It’s an extension of your brand, business goals, and marketing strategy.

We can design the social persona that will fit for your business.

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A social persona for your business.

You can save time and money by having the team of specialists in PC Social research create and implement your persona for you.


Your social persona will be built around your business and brand, and we can build one for your business.

Your social persona will create a memorable visual identity. 

Create a personalized profile that represents your brand.

Personalized approach to building relationships with customers.

Take your brand to another level with your persona. 

Data-Driven Marketing

 We provide social media analytics, data insights, and marketing strategy services.

Increase ROI by understanding your target audience and how they engage online.

Generate leads through your social personal campaigns.

Better understand what messages are working and which aren't so you know where to focus your efforts.

Marketing Strategy

We can design a social persona for you that can help you optimize your marketing strategy and sales.

Target specific audiences through a persona.

Create a persona that represents your brand across multiple platforms.

We create a persona based on your target market, so you know what they want, need, and are interested in.

Gain more insight into your customer’s preferences and behaviors.

Content Marketing

Your business Social Persona will be your company's image and public face.

Increase engagement - social media platforms are a wonderful way to communicate with customers and prospects. 

Strengthen your brand identity - build a strong brand presence through interactive marketing campaigns.

Improve SEO - creating content that includes keywords will improve search engine rankings and increase traffic to your site.


Data-Driven Strategies

With the help of our data-driven insights and social intelligence, you can make the most of your marketing efforts.

Your business social persona will provide you with a social media marketing tool; this tool will be based upon actionable data that you can use immediately on any social media site. Your social persona will also be updated regularly to reflect changes in your business and in your industry.

Transform your business with Social Intelligence.

The Social Persona will be tailored to your business and your industry. We start with your website and your blog. From this data, we form a baseline. This baseline consists of interests, needs, objectives, and behaviors of similar businesses in the same industry as yours.


Collaborate, Experiment, Optimize, Maximize Reach and ROI
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Creation of Social Persona 
Research Report On Your Industry and Business
10 Social Media Posts 
Develop a Marketing Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with my purchase?

You will get a social persona for your business. We will do research based on your industry, location, niche, and consumer demographics. We would need access to your business data, including sales data, social media data, geolocation data, and consumer data. If you don't have or instead do not share your business data, we can still create a social persona. However, it will impact the more personalized aspect of your persona. 

You will also get a copy of all the research and consumer reports we will conduct to create your persona. 

It also includes an avatar representing your business on social media, which includes ten social media posts. You will have the option to choose a combination of images, short videos, or gifs. You will get a copy of all the media you can repeatedly use for your marketing campaigns. 

Once we finish all the research and create the social persona, we will create a marketing strategy that can include social media posts, google searches, and landing pages. 


Do you give money back guarantee?

We guarantee a full refund if no research has been conducted. Once the research has been completed, we offer a 50% refund. You will get a copy of all the research and reports we perform on your company. 

Will there be a channel of communication once the project has started?

Yes, we will give you a slack license for free. Slack will provide us with constant communication every day. If you instead communicate via email or text, we also offer those two options. 

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It's a Smart Marketing Strategy
It's a Data-Driven Marketing Tool